Selebriti Wanita Penakluk Pria Muda

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Love knows no age. Perhaps that is now being felt some famous female artist in Hollywood who choose to build a relationship with a man whose age was younger. Who are the celebrity women who love struck young leaves?

Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas

Actress Ashley Greene is one of the female artist who considered that it does not matter in a relationship with a man whose age was younger than he. The 23-year-old Ashley is able to conquer the hearts Joe Jonas who was two years younger than him. This couple always seemed intimate and often spend time together.

In fact, the intimacy of this couple make Demi Lovato, Joe's ex-boyfriend jealous. He criticized the Ashley and considered the star of 'Twilight' Joe had been seized from him. Lovato also questioned why the Jonas Brothers personnel could fall in love with Ashley. However, Ashley does not care. He even warned not to interfere with the singer's personal problems with Joe.

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber

Although still denied, Selena Gomez was often spotted together enjoying time together with Justin Bieber. Gomez age two years older than the Canadian singer. However, he seems very comfortable when the road together with Bieber.

Gomez seized the camera a few times is spending time together with the singer 'Baby' is. Not long ago, the couple was seen enjoying time together in Miami beach. Both the street holding hands and laughing together.

Some time ago, they were also seen having dinner together at a Japanese restaurant in Dallas, Texas. They look intimate. Bieber seemed whispered to the Gomez and the woman laughed.

Madonna & Brahim Zaibat

Since her divorce from Guy Ritchie, Madonna chose a relationship with a younger man. Madonna did not give up having love with a young man. After the end of Jesus Luz model, actress and singer is back dating younger men. Her boyfriend was named Brahim Zaibat younger.

Zaibat not cover the story of her love with one pop diva world. He claimed to live comfortable relationship with Madonna. Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher

Households Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher is running smoothly. This couple prove their age difference did not affect their domestic life. Until now, the marital harmony though they are still running Kutcher had time to spread rumors an affair with another woman. Moore is now 48 years old 32 years while Kutcher. They always show kemesraannya when in public.