Walah...Ternyata Sang Suami Perempuan Juga!

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Incredibly, a woman was married to another woman for six months and didn’t realize it all along. The “husband” recently fled when she realized that she has been discovered.

The marriage certificate of Minati Khatua and Sitakant Routray .

Bride Minati Khatua who discovered her husband was a woman The information about the whole saga is that Minati Khatua got married to the supposed husband, Sitakant Routray barely 24 hours after they met. The suspicion about the gender of the husband was raised by the family of Minati after the couple visited the village of Minati.

The only problem now is that Routray has run off with whatever the couple has. The couple reportedly acquired many of the things with bank loans that were obtained in the name of Minati.

She has subsequently launched a formal complaint with the police to help get Routray and possibly the “stolen” things back.

So what took Miati so long to discover the lie? Well Routray was clever and had the whole thing planned out. She allegedly told Minati that she was observing some spiritual sanctification and as such had to abstain from sex. She promised Minati that after the period, the puja would be performed. As it later turned out, that was a lie.