Susan Bachtiar Resmi Bercerai!

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                    Susan Bachtiar. (Foto: Koran SI)

JAKARTA - Presenter beautiful Susan Bachtiar has been officially divorced from her husband, Supardi Supangat. This is justified by Jhony Palayukan as the presiding judge District Court (PN) in West Jakarta.
"The court granted the plaintiff's claim entirely, and their marriage ended, because of divorce," he said when met at the West Jakarta District Court on Tuesday (11/30/2010)

The judges dared to break the bond of husband and wife both, because there is no more a sense of affection and communication between them.

"Their marriage had to end with a divorce because of frequent disturbance, there is no communication, no there is also a sense of mutual affection," he said.

He added again, during the trial the defendant was never present. So the judge was legally decide their marriage break ropes, without the presence of the defendant.

"The defendant was never present in court, although it has been legally summoned by the court three times. So the judges decided without the presence of the defendant," lugasnya.

As is known, married Susan Bachtiar with Supardi Supangat on November 11, 2000. The girl who is now busy as chief editor of a lifestyle magazine franchise, the register lawsuit cerainya the West Jakarta District Court, on October 6, 2010.

Marriage of 10 years, it has foundered, after the court officially knocked the hammer, as a sign of the end of their marriage.