Diisukan Tunggak Mobil, Depe Meradang

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                    Dewi Perssik

The news was flowing through the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). Goddess of the Great alias Dwi Perssik Murya accused of delinquent installments of the car for four months. Dangdut artist was overdue for USD 12. 495.00 per month. Goddard was shocked and furious with the news. Also feel defamed his good name. "O Allah's slander. At first I was over at a friend's credit. But he asked to keep wearing my name. I feel sorry for. Once or twice he's still well paid," said Dewi Perssik who contacted VIVAnews, 30 November 2010.
Goddard said that he really had forgot to take care of car problems because of preoccupations. After that, he admitted that he never received any money from his friend, because he felt sorry.

"Because I feel sorry for, especially her friends study. The friend had asked for time to pay it next year. If you say it do not pay 4 months of slander. She said to me, only the late payment," said Ahmad Dhani men in Republic of Love this Management clarify.

Goddess deeply regrets the news that has tainted his name in circulation. He felt a lot of people want to slander the reputation of his career. "But I'm not afraid. For it is only with God's permission, I will fall. I just do not want to cause a burden of sin and so my parents thought," said the owner saw it rocking.