Axel Gondokusumo. (Foto: Mahfiroh/Okezone)

JAKARTA - Ayu Azhari threatened criminalized by his son, Axel Gondokusumo, if the subpoena about inheritance rights are not well answered.
Axel is Ayu baby from his marriage to the late Vishnu Djody Gondokusumo. Djody died in 2002, after ten years of divorce from Ayu.

From Djody, Axel received a legacy worth Rp150 million, which was initially entrusted to his uncle, Bayu Gondokusumo. Then hand over the money Axel Bayu through Ayu as her birth mother, because it was Axel did not have his own savings account.

After passing the age of 18 years, Axel asked his mother to live independently. But after receiving a scholarship school in Europe, Axel requesting the right to inheritance from his father who held his mother, with reason as a handle money during school.

For a year Axel wait a promise his mother to give the money. Until finally, his mother revealed that inheritance money is discharged as a substitute for living expenses incurred during the rearing Axel Ayu.

"Many times aminta say, because I was still at home. When I was not at home, I am not permitted to be money anymore," said Axel accompanied by their legal representatives, Drs M Utomo A Karim T, SH, during a press conference in WKS Law Firm in Hanurata Graha floor 5, Kebon Sirih, Central Jakarta on Friday (12/03/2010).

Regarding the inheritance money from nowhere, Axel admitted less understood. But Karim explained, Axel is the sole heir of his father.

"Axel has a right to inheritance. Bayu (uncle Axel) transfer of money. There is no inheritance from the father explained, that's where the conversation occurred, finally Ayu said the transfer to me only. Later, he said, will be transferred to Axel, because Axel has not had a account, "said Karim.

Axel said, after graduating high school is not sent to school and not taken care of during this year. He was considered an adult to be able to live independently.

Karim added that there has been no answer to the first subpoena of the Ayu Azhari. "What is clear, we will conduct an open subpoena. That is, wanted to remind Ayu, so right Axel met," said Karim.

Actually, he said, these issues are to be resolved between ourselves and do not need to enter the realm of law. "If Ayu did not want to, this entry into the realm of criminal fraud," he concluded.