Istri Hamil, Giring Hindari Ekspos

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                    Giring dan Cynthia
Foto: Aditia

Lead vocalist Giring Nidji is not willing to open up about his wife's pregnancy. Although it is clear if his wife, Cynthia, was pregnant, Leads promised not want to expose it. Lead states only if the pregnancy of his wife was a few weeks.
"Yes Alhamdulillah, just tens of weeks already. Anyway I have an appointment at Musica and my family did not want to expose," he said when met at the headquarters Leads Slank, Potlot, Duren Tiga, Jakarta Selatan, Friday (3 / 12).

In daily living, Leads to admit feeling excited. Moreover, some time ago, he had been out of town a few weeks to leave his wife. "Just really excited deh. Moreover, I was out of town this 2 weeks. There is not quiet, thinking about mulu, luckily there was my mother who jagain. Because he lived in a beautiful cottage-in-law" says Lead.

As is known, married Cynthia Leads before Lebaran yesterday. Since then, Lead does not want open-aperture until the wedding reception was held. (MPA / ADT / mae)