Ancaman di Balik 'Permak' Payudara Silikon

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To beautify the breasts, not a few women who undergo plastic surgery or breast implants. Although somewhat safe if done trusted surgeon, this procedure will keep the risk.
According to a recent study revealed no new risk of harm due to undergo a breast implant. Women who do this procedure have a higher risk of experiencing a rare cancer in the vicinity of their silicone breast.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the United States in his report says, women with breast faces made increased risk of breast cancer are rare. The agency recommends that women with breast implants should be checked regularly even if no symptoms of disease.

Protests against the safety of breast implants in the United States has been going on for years and was banned in 1992 due to silicone leakage that causes chronic disease.

"We do not know enough about the product and whether it is safe to use," said Amy Allina, policy director of the National Women's Health Network.

An estimated 50-10 million women worldwide use of breast implants on the grounds of health or beauty.

In its report, the FDA found 60 reports of cancer immune named anaplastic large cell lymphoma (AlCl). Known, the development of this disease occurred in a scar near the breast implant. While this is very rare type of cancer found in women who do not use an implant, only occurred in three of the 100 million people.

"We need more data to better understand this issue" Allina said, as quoted by CBC News.

AlCl cancer symptoms, including swelling or pain around the implant. These disorders appear between one to 23 years after the device is inserted. Allina advised to contact a doctor if she felt the symptoms. Treatment includes removal of implants, chemotherapy or radiation.

But not yet found whether women who undergo breast implant post-surgical removal of the breast have a higher risk than those who grow implants for cosmetic reasons.


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