Bona Patupungan Minat Duet dengan Syahrini

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Request a song and received a flood job Bona Patupungan not necessarily make it forget the mainland. Bona acknowledge receipt of what today is the abundance of God's sustenance and answer the prayers of the people who loved him.
"The situation right now I'm grateful Alhamdulillah, this is also thanks to his wife and family prayer, so it is a part of my life. After all I have to be working well," said Bona Patupungan found in Blok M, South Jakarta.

Bona who was invited as a guest star in a show together Syahrini television station, was deeply admired her former friend was a duet Anang Hermansyah.

"I am a great admirer of Syahrini, he's a good singer, friendly, and has a unique vocal. He could be a diva, I am very supportive of his career," said the man chanter 'If I'm So Gaius Tambunan' it.

So, is there any desire to duet with Bona Syahrini the future later? "Last time a guest star, I asked about it, I was confused he said, yes if given the chance to duet why not. God willing, I want to make a song for him," said the bespectacled man.