Penari Ini Pernah Jadi Korban Penganiayaan

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Each time appeared dancing tango on the show 'Dancing with the Stars "(DWTS), Cheryl Burke emit an aura of confidence in front of millions of viewers. But behind kecemerlangannya, Burke save the bitterness of the past.
Burke's experience of life since the child did not go smoothly. DWTS champion twice admitted repeatedly persecuted family friend. Burke later testified in court and the bullies in prison nearly two decades.

"I told my story," said Burke, 26, who opened the veil of persecution that happened, including physical violence by two ex-girlfriend. History kelamnya he wrote in a book titled 'Dancing Lessons'. "There are no secrets, no shame (telling)," he said, as quoted by People.

Burke abusers a postal worker who is very well liked in likungan residence. In fact, the man is believed to pick up Burke from the school. Harassment experienced by this beautiful girl from sitting in the fifth grade elementary school level. Burke who has not yet recovered from the trauma of divorce parents recognize the victims of abuse.

"I feel guilty for wanting love and affection," he said. He admitted in court testimony had made him confused and frightened. The perpetrator eventually sentenced to prison and therapy for two years.

After going through 12 episodes of DWTS, now Burke said ready to tell his story. "If I can help only one, it is very important to me."