Rayakan Ultah, Maia Undang Ahmad Dhani

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Maia Estianty feel happy because on this day 35 years old even stepped on. Maya said happily as he received congratulations from his third fruit, Al, El and Dul.
"Al, El, Dul ngucapin a happy birthday through the fuel, I was sad because they have not met them. So on January 30, tomorrow I want to take the kids. Al Mas Dhani was told to ask for permission. He said he wanted to come to mother's birthday , I'm happy to hear it, "Maya said to the interpreter when found in the news Strikes RCTI Studio, Jakarta Barat.

However, he had not received congratulations from her husband, Ahmad Dhani, who until now has not congratulate him. "Mas Dhani yet ngucapin happy birthday to me," said Maia.

Then if the Maya will invite Ahmad Dhani in the celebration of January 30 birthday party later?

"As Maya Estianty, I still invite Mas Dhani. But it's up to him to come or not. And right on that day I also want to talk about a Supreme Court ruling," said frontman Duo Maia explained.