David Beckham was shocked when first his wife, Victoria Beckham or Vic, let me know about her pregnancy. This football star first learned the happy news while on a romantic dinner with his beloved wife.
Pregnancy is the fourth child had been missed by these celebrity couples. Currently, they are blessed with 3 sons Brooklyn, 11, Romeo, 8, and little Cruz, 5.

Pregnancy is already expected to Vic's since last November, when he traveled to England. "At first, Vic opened the conversation about future plans to live in Britain or America. Then he said, we also must think about all four of our children, '" said one source said, imitating the speech of Victoria. As quoted by Contact Music.

According to the source, then Beckham was silent a moment and then smiled as he said, shed tears. Handsome footballer is known as an emotional guy and a little sentimental. "Since then, he could not hide her happy. Beckham was incessantly crying," said the source again.

Victoria was first told in the third pregnancy her baby, when they were together to celebrate Christmas. "At that Vic told them, will give a special gift but they must patiently wait until the prospective new baby is born," said the news reported by the Heat Magazine.

Again, go to the source, Beckham tears in his eyes when he saw their third baby shout with joy to welcome the presence of their younger candidates. Pregnancy Vic, is the most beautiful Christmas gift for David Beckham and the third baby.


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