Jakarta Princess Diana's fears for Prince Charles and Royal family are planning to kill him. That is one scene in the documentary 'Unlawful Killing' which aired in Britain banned.

Film Tentang Konspirasi Tewasnya Diana Dilarang Tayang di Inggris

As reported by TMZ, Monday (02/05/2011), 'Unlawful Killing' claim to have a telephone recording Diana a year before he died. Sound recordings containing frightened Diana was mentioned has never played to the public.

"If you're a strong woman in my neighborhood, then you are the problem. I is a hell of a problem," said Diana in the recording.

"No time for hobbies. Trying to stay alive is one of them," he added.

Producer and director 'Unlawful Killing' was Keith Allen, father of British singer, Lily Allen. Keith reveals the existence of conspiracy theories in the death of Diana, including the time of the accident in Paris.

The film is also 'accused' there is something wrong in the effort to rescue Diana during the accident. Prince William's mother was noted to have a chance to survive if medical help came not too long.

Because of 'Unlawful Killing' to discuss sensitive issues regarding the Royal Family, to be sure the film was banned in the UK broadcast. But his plan 'Unlawful Killing' will be aired at the Cannes Film Festival.