Jakarta Artist Pretty Asmara admitted surprise when Daniel Mananta with naughty photos circulated widely on the Internet. He also had no idea if the picture will become a problem at a later day.

"Time dikabarin surprised really, ya can not have thought like this," he said while talking to detikhot via cell phone on Monday (06/06/2011).


Soap star 'Kabayan the Conqueror' that recognizes the image is indeed correct himself with ex-girlfriend Marissa Nasution, and there is also VJ Utt. The photo was taken when they met at one club in Jakarta some time ago.

The photos were posted by Daniel on Twitter own it, but then deleted. However, before the deleted image is already telanjut spread. Daniel was shocked and had no idea what that picture got a response from many people.

"He (Daniel) says no response also never thought people like this, he was also surprised," he concluded.

(fk / MMU)