JAKARTA - Raul Lemos also reacted strongly to respond to bad news, his wife, KD, sold the house to cover the marriage debt.

According to Raul, who addressed the news slanted to the KD and he is a mere calumny, because that was reported was very contrary to the principle of his life.

As a man, Raul has the principle itself should be able to stand on its own feet and not depend as much less dependent parents living wives.

"Clearly this is not disturbing because obviously my world, suddenly entered the world and cursed, this slander! Since the beginning of a relationship with my wife, that my life as a man, I do not depend on the same woman, "said Raul, accompanied by Kris Kristofferson when speaking to Go Spot, RCTI, on Friday (03/06/2011). (Go Spot / Media / tre)