Before leaving the house arrest Cipinang, East Jakarta, designer Adjie Notonegoro message to the occupants of each other, including the officer who has been with her for four months sektiar.
"Frankly, I am also the same message in a friend. Pray, continue to pray. God will hear our prayers. I am sure our prayers must be heard, God willing," he said at the front door of house arrest Cipinang, East Jakarta, on Friday (12 / 11/2010).

Even just before parting, appeared compassion among them, because all this already familiar with each other. Even each shed tears.

"Why so sad, we'd also bertangis-cry first, very sad. Since we already like family, they confide, and so on including the same coach-builder. Seru also, last night I had watered (washed down) at my friends for coming out , "he said.

Adjie who undergo punishment for fraud and embezzlement cases, the notice to his fellow prisoners, so do not forget to always pray.

"My message remains the prayer, for non-Muslims still pray, be patient because there will be a happy day for us," he said. "They also hope that I am more successful," he continued.

While the matter of relationship with Melvin, as a partner reporting the case, continues to run well. Adjie are ready to return to work to immediately restore its debt, also plans to meet him.

"Melvin is also a good relationship, because originally we temenan. Melvin also wrong if you do not want invites me to dinner. But dont know when. What is certain is 3 days ahead I want with my family. Not willing to be disturbed," he concluded...