Andre Taulani OVJ Diteror Santet

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                    Andre Taulani

Residence of the candidate for vice mayor, Andre Taulani on Jl. Wren On RT 04/RW 09, Kelurahan Renggas, District East Ciputat, South Tangerang, Banten, pelted with eggs and flowers wrapped in white cloth, on Thursday (11/11) morning.
Andre Taulani in Tangerang, on Thursday (11/11), said the incident occurred around 05.00 pm when he had just wanted to sleep after returning from filming OVJ in Surabaya.

"I was shocked dibangunin wife. He said the house pelted with eggs that are wrapped in white cloth," said Andre in Tangerang told reporters.

He explained that there are three packets of white cloth, each of which contains eggs, flowers seven arts, and writing that sentence razor bernadakan rough.

He said the parcel was thrown by four people who drive motor directly go after ducks and throw it on the front porch.

The sound of the sentence is' Axxing Sia, Holy Dxxor Sia Sia and So ". Three sentence is written on each fabric with two red and one bertintakan writing bertintakan black writing.

However, Andre considers that it is as a form of prospective trials to lead. Although it is acknowledged to make the family shock.

"Essentially, all does not make children and my wife suffered a loss of form of intimidation and hope the perpetrators get a pardon from his behavior," he said.

Andre said, since running for vice mayor mayor often have irregularities, such as cars often dikempesin and scratched so that the experience beret. Not only that, the vehicle belonging to a number of guests who came were experiencing similar things.

"Previously it often once I get intimidated. But, not taken any action so as not to be bragging. Especially when the campaign period. Worried utilizing attention-seeking moment," he said.

Andrew also will not report the matter to the police, but said would be a lesson for introspection in keeping emotions.

"This incident has nothing to lose from home. Only the eggs are broken and can be cleaned. So let this be a lesson for the family," he said.

Meanwhile, the three parcels is currently been burned by a security guard and hygiene Andre to keep unwanted things.

"Once found, no longer directly burned. If it is stored will be dangerous and will make trouble," said Jembar, the eyewitness who discovered the three parcels.

Andre Taulani own run for the vice mayor of South Tangerang together Arsid. Couple this with the serial number three, has the support of the PPP party, Hanura, Gerindra and the United Nations.