Tayangan Silet|Foto: RCTI.TV

Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) has decided to temporarily suspend the program razor that aired on RCTI. The decision was taken following the preaching of a razor blade in a disaster of Mount Merapi in Yogyakarta, which aired Sunday (7 / 11) then. IBC Chairman Dada Rahmat Hidayat said the hour-long show was halted until the government revoked the status of "alert" on the mountain which is turbulent.
So far, there has been no official letter issued by the IEC. However, starting Monday (8 / 11), IBC has been delivering the verdict to the media. According to Dada, publish a razor blade is considered to provide less accurate information related to the preaching of Merapi. "We got word in Nangulan (a district in Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region, Indonesia) volunteers and rescue teams have to take care of the self-help as many as 550 people displaced are disrupted by the impressions on the razor. So great was the effect caused by the media especially the electronic media .'s why the media is expected to be watched accuracy of the news and could help solve the problem, "said Dada at Bapeten Building, 6th Floor, on Monday (8/11/2010).

Not only that, Dada is also concerned about the people who watch those impressions. However, he confirmed if this will not affect the Production House (PH), which employs people in performing tasks peliputannya at Merapi. "With this, we also want to remind the other television stations. We do not give sanction to the PH, because baseball nothing to do with pH, so the program only," he explained further.

In response to the apology issued by the razor, IBC claimed appreciate it. However, for Dada impact they've posted a razor is bad for society, especially for the victims.