Marissa Haque|Foto: dok C&R

Apart from the problem of displeasure against the actions Vina Panduwinata Marissa who fondle her husband's body, he admitted that he had no other problems with the artist who was familiarly called by Ina mama calls it. "As far as the problems that have been grabbing her hand Ikang body, I do not care about the style he (Vina). He wants to act whatsoever, please, just do not on my husband, "said Marissa through Release received at the editorial desk, on Monday (8/11/2010).
Marissa says that what the Vina is a lifestyle. He also admitted he would not disturb the lifestyle or comment on the style of clothes or other things if Vina Vina first not to disturb the life of Marissa. "This is one of my actions for the integrity of my household with Ikang. So what I do is natural. I've also been saying this to my husband, and between me and Ikang have no problem, "he said.

Just to remind, blogs that circulated among the community is a blog that contains the heart curhatan Marissa about what happened to her beloved husband, Ikang Fawzi. In these blogs, Marissa expressed displeasure against the treatment of post Vina - sorry - her breasts at her husband's chest, Ikang Fawzi.