Feeling treated fairly, Ibra Azhari became furious. He also felt trapped by the police with the threat of imprisonment of 20 years. This was disclosed when met at the West Jakarta District Court on Thursday (11/11), when handed over case files of police in Kejari Jakbar.
"I imposed was framed by police. Yes where it comes from goods so try it, police said. Just because I am a prisoner, I am a user, dijadikanlah event promotion for them!" he said loudly.

Ibrahim who arrived in shorts and a blue shirt and sandals flops was accompanied by his attorney, Secarpiandy, and escorted by two policemen. He rejected if he was the one who sent these illicit goods.

"The address right, but another name. Try to what? If you want to catch the first one who was the one who sent it. Kan technology has now advanced. On the right there is the number, the track was," he said.

Furthermore, diarrhea ailing Ibrahim is asking for justice on the authorities. Do not get because he was an artist until eventually become month-monthly police.

"I want the law enforced. I was hit equally so you know. I am also a human being too. Great name I used as a promotion event for them. I am not willing to the world hereafter. Try to imagine, just 3 grams. If I want, a billion, make what is 3 grams! " he said emotion as he kicked off the table.