Saiful Jamil berganti nama menjadi Saiful Jamiil

After removing the newest single, singer Saiful Jamil little 'polish' his name to Saiful Jamiil. However, ex-husband Dewi Perssik was not willing to explain why and the reason for its name change.
"The reason you know what I later, not now," said Ipul, greeting familiar, met while filming the video clip Do not Say-Say at Dunkin Donuts Restaurant, Jl. Gajah Mada, Central Jakarta, Thursday (11/11) afternoon.

Ipul any hope with this name change could make getting a better fate.

"Hopefully this name change could affect everything. Are not you also have the word of God if we want change, there would be the best for us. Yes hopefully this name change can be sustained each other, and also affect sales of this single," please Ipul.

Ipul also admitted that if he did get a clue before changing its name. "As to the instructions, it is also for me always introspection, and from the fruit of my thinking," said Ipul.

Then, when it will be told to the public regarding the name change? "Yes, later it all with a single. I get the following to the song Do not Say-Say this, and, with an additional i Jamiil name that could wow, very beautiful," said Ipul.