Dewi Perssik

When given the opportunity to deliver a message to Julia Perez, pedangdut Goddess Perssik reluctant to use. He was not having problems with Damien Perez's widow, who often makes the sensation.

"What have a problem right Perez. I personally feel no problem with anyone," said Goddard Perssik a news conference in FIFO Cafe, Gintung, Ciputat, South Tangerang, Saturday (30/10) night.

"If you want to jack the movie do not kill or eat the blood of his own friends. Honestly from my heart, I have not felt comfortable to finish this film," the Goddess Perssik the talking point is Julia Perez.

Goddess Perssik considered violated the agreement by not coming at the workshop KARAWANG rocking ghost movies. And then the former wife of Saiful Jamil it has conveyed that he was sick with typhoid. But the various charges against him, so did Julia Perez who participated issued scathing words.

"The reaction Dhani boss he was not angry, he asked me to calm down and look elegant, do not disgrace RCM," said Goddard Perssik who was in pomfret labels Republic of Love Management (RCM)-led musician Ahmad Dhani.

"Miss Julia Perez was older than me and automatically I respect him, if he became a main character so fair, so in accordance with stratanya," he said adding.

Goddess Perssik with condescending tone, as a child claims that can not be anything much more senior Julia Perez. Hence he is much more appropriate to get the main role, as it is today.

"Never shake your hips shake breasts I can not," he said modestly.