Dewi Persik. (Foto: Koran SI)

Often perpetuate the course of filming in every movie, it turns out sweet fruit for Dewi Persik. Events claw-claw with Julia Perez (Jupe) recorded in his personal video.

"If baseball is so acting. He said I twist the facts, but I have a video and a baseball deliberately did it to my memories every video shoot," said Dewi Persik when talking with Okezone, Monday (08/11/2010).

Furthermore, he said, if one is asked for proof, he could show videos that are made every film he plays. It has become a habit for the Goddess to record the activities of shooting.

"As it happens is if I shoot, whatever it is I always document my activities. Let there behind the scene - his," he said.

Goddard denies that the video was intentionally made. Once again he asserted, every involved filming the movie, he always document it and generally did his brother.

"If divideokan, impressed by accident. But this is not deliberate, from God to the humans who bersilat tongue mouth," snapped Goddess.

He considered Jupe always distort the facts and argued that the claw-scratches that is part of the shooting scene. Therefore, the Goddess prepares to show the video to the public, to know how the actual event.

"Well, I'll show you the video, I'll shut the mouths of cunning," he said.

Jupe and Goddess into a fight while filming scenes of the 16th movie Requiem Goyang Karawang. Originally the fight scene that was part of the filming, but it continues to be the actual fights.

Goddard said his face scratched by Jupiter, while Jupiter argued that he also suffered the same injury in the knee and hand.

Goddard also reported to the police Jupe deeds. Nevertheless, Jupe want their problems resolved through kinship.