Julia Perez

Because starring in the movie ARWAH GOYANG KARAWANG, artist Julia Perez studied dance jaipong. He was finally admitted a lot to learn other dances to support the exploration of dance on film.

"I was the handyman suction science. I also again learn Tango, Gaston is taught. For good. At times learn to dance striptease. Seriously .... because this is also combined it in this movie," said Julia Perez when found in filmed on location in the hotel Mega Matra, Matraman, East Jakarta, on Friday (10/29/2010) then.

Jupe revealed that in this film there is no kissing scene, because from the beginning there was no discussion about this. Due to heavy for him to do the scene, although in the movie though.

"Even if I imagenya sexy or what, if problems still bid not kiss me here. Kissing scene is still being considered," he explained.

While learning about the image as dance striptease, Jupe actually welcome this as an achievement. Because of this during his work professionally. With the variety of responses mean his acting was successful.

"It's great he means the image, means we can really, just fine. I'm a professional. If people even say I'm mean so successful," he explained. "All this time I do not ever shake, I'm not able to dance. Let it go, I mean get the image I, can dance then," he concluded.