Vina Panduwinata|Foto: Yayat Ruhayat C&R

With the outpouring of hearts Marissa Huque contained in the blog one of the online media in Indonesia, the Vina Panduwinata through Ine manejernya Atilla will not try to straighten out the problem.

The reason, Ine said that these issues are not something to be debated further.

In addition to the bug has been going on since a year ago, the Vina Panduwinata also did not feel disturbed by the content of the blog.

"No, instead we are just ordinary, really. Instead Mbak Vina worried about her children," Ine said when contacted by telephone on Friday (11/05/2010) night.

For those of Ine, what Vina is something normal. Because the relationship between Ikang Fawzi with Vina Panduwinata is one group that makes a gang in there too Addie MS and Memes.

"Naturally, if arm-hug or kiss on the cheek. You see, they are also long time no see, right. What I know, they are seldom met because of busy each," said Ine.

It also apparently does not affect people who are standing by Vina. However, Ine admit there are some fans who tried to Vina inquired about the actual incident.

They still said Ine, as the layman feel otherwise receive if his idol dijelek bad-mouth.

"But, it's really, I let it slowly. And they understand the advantages. Yes, the tip, just a joke only. I did not ever read her blog out very long. So, mending do not have to read it," he concluded.

Previously, the first child of Marissa, Bella who is now working on a private television station has provided an apology in his personal accounts, twitter, upon treatment of the mother. Meanwhile, the couple's first child Addie MS and Memes, Kevin Aprillio deeply regrets the actions Marissa. That attitude also poured in personal accounts, twitter, hers.