Zainuddin MZ impression that only a silent and did not perform any legal action for allegedly Aida Saskia, interpreted by some people, the middle in an effort to negotiate. It is not completely rebuffed by the propagators of a million people this.
"When negotiating for win / win yes. In upholding the peace that the Koran can be achieved in two ways, first replies to a crime is a crime worth. This is the first one. The second is if you forgive and find peace, it's the best. Two of these patterns , which one would we use. I more pleasure in accordance with the nature and characteristics of Islam that became rahmatan lil alamin, "says Zainuddin MZ Alvito Deanova answer questions from TV One, which aired Sunday (31/10) last.

Zainuddin MZ also provide analog to the pilgrims who now run the worship in the holy land, which is one of the activities are run tawaf (running around the Kaaba). When worship is done by thousands of pilgrims bound to be occasions trampled each other.
"People go that's carrying out thawaf, well thawaf itself forming the Muslim individual.'ll Be encouraged, but you Jagan encouraging. You may keinjek but you do not menginjek," explained an example. "Actually humanely okay anyway, I'm not one person I ditempeleng, I slap in the face again the him as hard as she slapped me. The logic is like that," he continued.

Zainuddin MZ although it can report the case to the police, but it chose to make settlement with the second way, namely by offering peace as the spirit rahmatal lil alamin. But it is not impossible, too, to take legal action later, if not find the middle road.

"But there is a solution that both right. The word Quran who gives forgiveness and seek a peaceful way was the best and earn the reward. I learned trying to find the best one. Yes of course we're not going to let this thing drag on. If it's real it develop and can not be reconciliation with win win earlier, I also have an interest to provide proof that I am not guilty, so the last resort is the court, "he concluded.

To Alvito Deanova, a reporter for TV One to show CHARACTERS, Zainuddin MZ willing to be interviewed. For an hour, he submitted rebuttal of all charges Aida Saskia, including the alleged promises never spoken.