Julia Perez

Two of these artists are always invited the fray, Julia Perez, Dewi Perssik once rumored to fight until the claw-scratching. Even according to the news info to be reported by Goddard Perssik to the police.

But there is little difference between the two versions of the story, Dewi Perssik Jupe reported on charges of fighting and to make vise in the police for injuries he experienced, was Jupe think the fight was only limited to professional acting and not have heralded.

"For me it does not matter, we need not gembar-heralded. We'll see, the truth will be revealed. I just got split lips cracked. But I would embrace Ms. Goddess," said Jupe when confirmed by telephone.

Tension feud between two artists of this section more exciting course. Two of these artists recriminations if their body parts are fake. Starting from the Goddess who accused Jupe had ridiculed him and said body there is a false goddess. But when confirmed Jupe argue the reverse.

"The opposite of times, he is ngatain me. Well I was already immune dikatain like what too. On the whole Indonesia I was immune. Whatever Goddess Honestly, I do not care. I do not care that important I want to work. This scene, if indeed he reported to the police yes please. We both hurt really. Anyway, let's see if he is reported like that, I do not want to carelessly, too. I want all fine, "he seemed annoyed with the behavior of Goddard.

Jupe take action Perssik Goddess is very unprofessional, and should be ashamed Goddess do something like that for just the exposure of infotainment.

"Ya is not professional. It should not take that step first. Shame is us to do things like that. Anyway, we'll see. Hope I'm not there anymore hassle. But I also was not unusual to conduct such Depe . He used to really have problems with his assistant, manager. And ultimately end up in court. He seemed to want exposed and continue, I think he likes into infotainment. As there is no work only. If I still have work well, was completed filming me, so that completed quickly, "Jupe said sarcastically with spicy.