Dewi Persik. (Foto: Tomi T/okezone)
If Julia Perez insists that the fight was pure shooting scenes in the movie Dead Goyang Karawang, another thing with Dewi Persik. He claimed self-defense on the scene Jupe is too excessive.

In the scene of the 16th, Jupiter and the Goddess was getting into fights. According to Dewi, Jupe had started too far while sitting in his stomach and began scratching his face.

"I have a proof anyway, she sat on my stomach as he clawed brutally," Goddard said while talking to JAKARTA, Monday (08/11/2010).

Further ex-wife and Aldi Saipul Jamil Taher said he was moved automatically to defend himself. Shake The Saw was also punched and ripped boobs Jupe opponent's shirt.

"I wish I had not defended himself by punching her breasts and tore the clothes she wears, she can continue going to scratch me while occupying the stomach with a claw-claw burutal," said Goddard.

As a result of his clothes torn, Jupe breasts also had sticking out and visible. Goddard argued, from his defense, he tried to get loose and not occupied by Jupiter.

"From the defense that I do, he automatically stood up and straightened, and covering her breasts is visible. At that time, I could get out of occupied Jupe," he added.

According to Goddard, the crew and the director initially saw it all part of acting. However, when Goddard began rebelling defend himself, the director was aware that all of them are actually fighting.

"Mas Helfi own, after the incident was angry and disappointed at Jupiter, it is considered unprofessional," said Goddard.

He added, Jupe have been regarded as mixing work with personal problems. In fact, filming fight scenes is set if Jupe that should fall first.

"He did not abide by rules that are directed. In the fighting scene, should Jupe had fallen and he is baseball going. In fact, I have been imposed," he concluded.