Feny Rose, Host Silet

Events infortainment silet since Sunday (07/11) night, constantly displaying tayangannya apologies for that day. Courses are usually delivered by Feny Rose with a typical speech intonation that, until Monday (11/08) morning still continue to display the message twice in every commercial break on RCTI.
"The entire editorial silet apologizes profusely for impressions on November 7, 2010, which contains the message chain and forecasts that can not be accounted for truth about the prediction of Merapi. Sympathies and our prayers for the victims. Hopefully, secure and peaceful atmosphere created back in Yogyakarta and surrounding areas , "the message is always accompanied by music performed the opening ceremony silet blade.

On the show Sunday (11/07) silet blade was showing predictions about the possibilities of Merapi in the foreseeable future. The prediction is based on expert comments Volcanology, as well as predictions and forecasts show the paranormal and politicians, Permadi SH.

Silet musical accompaniment of the 'tense' when it increasingly adds to the atmosphere intimidating, plus Permadi statement that is equally hard. Because it packs its own silet-ordinary events performed by an analysis and possible.

Although based on data of Volcanology, silet prediction is considered to contribute to make the community, especially the refugees victims of Mount Merapi, also anxious and panicky. Because society has not fully recovered psychologically, by the eruption which claimed hundreds of lives it.

Especially in the prediction of the previous edition is also associated the emergence of cloud-shaped heat Petruk considered would bring a bigger eruption. And a statement will be a huge catastrophe that struck Indonesia constant.

"If you do not believe go ahead," said Permadi time.

In addition, at the disaster site also widely circulated SMS scary tone that cause unrest, until no less, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, also provides appeal to people not to believe such SMS.

"I ask people not to fall for, restless, and trust issues are not responsible. Short Messages (SMS) was misleading not to be trusted," the president said at the refugee Maguwoharjo Stadium, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta Special Region, on Sunday ( 7.11).

While the Sultan as the ruler of Yogyakarta, said that 'Mbah Petruk' just a natural event linked by some parties only, which does not need to be exaggerated, let alone to cause unrest.