Adly Fairuz (Foto:Johan Sompotan/okezone)

JAKARTA - After breaking from Shireen Sungkar, Adly Fairuz finally has found a new heart moorings, Shireen replacement.
"Now there is again close. But we're still close friends used to be. This is all thanks to the prayers of the parents alone," he said after training ahead of Nagaswara Award at the House of Nyi Ageng Serang, Kuningan, Jakarta, Sunday (05/12/2010).

Personnel The Adlys it seems still shy reveal the status of its relationship with the woman who took the college's medical school.

"We just relax jalaninnya. I can not say the status of relationship now. We were scared all of a sudden how later. He was just in here because she was studying abroad," he explained.

But according to Adly, women who do not want him to reveal his identity was not from the artist. Even women who age with it did not know if Adly artist in Indonesia.

"We age and he did not know I'm a public figure here. For sure not from the world of entertainment. I'm more comfortable at this one because it is more cool and more rock n roll," he explained.