Irwansyah-Zaskia Sungkar|Foto: dok C&R

JAKARTA-C & R / OMG-marriage couples and Irwansyah Zaskia Sungkar be delayed. The reason, Mark Sungkar, parents are also guardians Zaskia marriage can not marry his eldest daughter in December as originally planned this family and Zaskia Irwansyah.
"It makes later on 15 January (next-red). Akad marriage and reception on March 6. Because Daddy (Mark Sungkar) could fit the new date that much. Moreover, in December more troublesome, because there is a birth family in the Netherlands," said Zaskia when found in the building Nyi Ageng Serang, Kuningan, Jakarta, Sunday (05/12/2010).

Sister Shireen Sungkar it said, the wedding preparations are nearly finished. There was only spread by invitation only.

"Only 80 percent again. Fortunately only, invitations have not made wedding plans delayed time," he said.

Regarding the wedding reception, eldest daughter of Mark and Fanny Bauty Sungkar claim will hold a reception by using a simple custom Padang.

"The intention is simple according to my wishes, Irwan and Papa," I Zaskia. (Deva)