Shireen Sungkar|Foto: dok C&R

JAKARTA-C & R / OMG-Fanny Bauty really wanted if her second child, Shireen Sungkar also follow in the footsteps Zaskia Sungkar to get married. The reason, Fanny considered if the relationship with Teuku Vishnu Shireen was serious and it is proper to the level of marriage.
"Yes, aunt wants so. Yesterday was also aunt told you, really, to him if he wants aunt hastily married to Vishnu," said Fanny when contacted via telephone, on Tuesday (30/11/2010).

Even so, the widow of Mark Sungkar it still delivered all to Shireen. Does he want to marry the same young people to follow the footsteps of his brother or to continue education first, newly married. Recognized Fanny Bauty, which is obtained, actor film 'Cinta Fitri' it wants to focus first on jobs and education rather than be married young.

"Iya tuh, Shireen wants so. ToDo and education before he told me. If the problem mah married, after all this is accomplished nantilah new, deh, him want to think about to get married," said Fanny.

Fanny is very freeing both her baby in the family to run a democracy. For Fanny, the most important is comfort to her children someday. Fanny did not want to if his wish will actually backfire for himself. (PRIH PRAWESTI Febriani).