Bule Dipeluk Syahrini Itu Bernama Anton

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JAKARTA - Puzzle Caucasian who embraced Syahrini in a photograph circulating on the blackberry messenger is fulfilled. Apparently bule man named Anton.
"Walah, must photos hugs lap. That friend I named Anton," said brotheronce Syahrini manager ,when contacted Legal Rani , on Monday ( 21/12/2010).

Rani added, bule-haired man that was loved by his friends and Anton is one of Indonesia. "That friend I called anton, I friend of his girlfriend, a citizen of Indonesia anyway," he said.

Rani reveals, Anton was photographed Syahrini embraced at an event in Bali. In fact, he continued at that Anton's girlfriend was also there. "His picture is actually a lot loh. But how that comes out that doang," Rani surprised.