Titi Kamal Kesengsem Okto Maniani

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Indonesia's national team squad struggle through the AFF Cup finals deserve thumbs up. The reason in recent years is minimal Garuda troops for achievement in the arena of Asean. For that support and continue to be given public support to the footballers of this.
One of them came from Titi Kamal. Christian's wife was admitted to not think Soegiono teams travel to Indonesia until the final round in order to meet Malaysia. Even the oldest sporting euphoria was so strong in this world, long-haired women were familiar with the names of the players.

"Yeah not very well have thought we went into the final and will be against Malaysia. Hopefully this time Indonesia AFF Cup could be a champion yes. tuh until I memorized the name of the players that cool-cool and nice-nice game. But the most I memorized it, Okto Maniani. Ouch kenceng he was running very least, lost a horse to him, "he said with a laugh when encountered in the studio Penta, West Jakarta, Monday (20/12).

Added, although the game this AFF Cup draw public attention to thousands of people went to Bung Karno to look closely at the struggle of the national team but Titi was still thinking in accordance with the schedule itself.

"God willing, if yes I can watch a movie. But look at the schedule before deh later," he added smiling. (MPA / dis / faj)