Nearly two months artist is in the patronage Arumi Bachsin Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI). In those days, providing a place for Arumi KPAI called Safe House by reason for not being tracked by the family and reporters.
During their stay at the Safe House, narrated M. Ikhsan, as the Secretary KPAI, Arumi in good condition. In fact, weight gain three pounds.

"His weight rose Arumi three kilograms. In that sense, it means he's happy to be in KPAI protection," said M Ikhsan met in his office in KPAI, 11-12 Jalan Teuku Umar Menteng, Central Jakarta, Monday (20/12/2010).

Although claimed to have never met Arumi and where the safe house, but M Ikhsan telling detail such as whether Arumi at the Safe House.

"According to the report. Arumi was accompanied by a supervisor (female). Trustees that serves as a friend to confide in, friends to play. It is they who continue to persuade Arumi order to quickly make peace with her parents," he explained.

During their stay at the Safe House, Arumi not socialize with the outside world. In fact, he does not have a cell phone.

"No we are not allowed. However, Arumi own who would not see anybody out," said M Ikhsan.

Does it not make Arumi saturated?

"We have professional people who accompany Arumi. They can make people sad to laugh, make people bored so encouraging. The name of the program that we call social psycho. So, Arumi will feel at home even though the house continues," he explained.

Still said M Ikhsan, at the Safe House Arumi only itself, in the sense of no common fate of friends in the house.

"Before it ever. But to anticipate so as not to smell the presence of Arumi because previously nearly caught a journalist, then he split. And even if the existence Arumi smell anymore, then we will move again. So, he did not settle permanently," he added. (Deva)