Dalam Sejam, 6.000 Tiket Maroon 5 Ludes

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Maroon 5 ticket prices that reached Rp600-800 thousand was suddenly sold out. Java Musikindo digawangi concert really got tremendous response from fans of the band from Los Angeles, California in Indonesia. Though the concert itself was only held on April 27, 2011 in Jakarta Istora.

"Yes, thank God we are tight on Twitter right promotion, and indeed even if the concert is still four and a half months only interest seems very big crowd here to watch Maroon 5. Moreover, our time will come ngumumin Maroon 5, crazy seems really excited," said Adrie Subono , boss Java Musikindo KapanLagi.com ™ contacted via telephone on Monday (6 / 12).

It is said Adrie, promotion done through Twitter only lasted a month ago. He also acknowledged the enormity of Twitter as a media campaign, which he said as The Power of Twitter. Just as it was also done on the Pitbull concert some time ago.

"Just do Pitbull's capacity is smaller, at the Tennis Indoor, if there not it about 4,500 (the audience). If here (Istora) it was around 6,500 to 7000. Yes it does ngelihatnya so much faster if you know. Yes this alhamdulillah The second concert we are having sold out. Kayak before Pitbull no one is selling in one day, "he said.

Maroon 5 fan interest was remarkable. Even when not open it, Adrie which also sells tickets in the house was filled with mass. "Yesterday when we were selling, even though we announced at 9 am we started selling, at 2 nights existing nongkrongin my house. Hours 9-the morning was already about 500 people-an. Then at 10 it is close to a thousand more queue numbers. Yes thank God daily plus on-one online that approximately 6,000 tickets, and many who do not can, but yes what to do anymore, "he concluded. (MPA / buj / boo)