Okie Agustina

There's new hair style Okie Agustina, the former wife of Pasha. Okie-cropped hair now seleher and himself look more fresh. Anyway, hairdo Okie little like Adeline Wilhelmina, fiance Pasha. Is Okie deliberately follow haircut Adelia?
"Enak aja, why ngikutin? If ngikutin it outside the artist's haircut, is he who. I deliberately did want to cut your hair short," Okie said when met at Studio Penta, West Jakarta, Tuesday (30/11).

Recognized by Okie if the reason she cut her hair short is because of his son. The reason, Okie currently busy making must act quickly.

"Sometimes in my home while raising children, and not hurried to straighten hair. So I thought why not just cut short. After a shower it can directly be combed and straight away," said Okie.

When teased reporters' questions about the similarity of hair with Adelia, Okie also said if it was just coincidence. "As it happens only once. I also never noticed her hair," lid Okie.