Foto Syur Kaka Syahrini

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Action stage Syahrini a duet with Kaka Slank Slank at a birthday celebration the 27th at Ancol Carnaval Beach on December 11 and quite horrendous. The reason, in a duo Kaka and Syahrini They look quite intimate when the song Too Sweet.

Intimate photographs of them on stage circulating in cyberspace and a lot of negative responses from their fans.

After filling in the event SENSATION ARTISTS SCTV Studio Penta together with Aurel, Anang Hermansyah ever duet with Syahrini reluctant to comment on the action stage was former duet partner.

"I do not want to comment about that," he said crisply.

Syahrini received protests from Ansyani (Anand-Syahrini fans), because they objected to intimate action Syahrini and Kaka. When asked about the negative response from Ansyani, Sam was just silent, smiling and went to his car.

Even Anand was not willing to comment on job duet with Syahrini at the end of this year. "It was asked of management. Anyway, I do not want to comment,"he concluded. (MPA / hen / bun)