Kaka Slank Cium Syahrini???

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JAKARTA_ intimate scene displayed by Syahrini and Kaka invite a lot of protest from Ansani, but from the Syahrini responded to chill out.

Hugging the indicated both are highly visible affectionate, and Syahrani own claim to be surprised by this incident.
"Syahrini really shocked when all of a sudden he hugged Kaka, Kaka himself but his wife said cool so ya need dipermasalahinlah baseball," said Rani, manager at a time when talking with younger Syahrini Legal in Jakarta on Monday (12/20/2010).

"Really mentang mentang abis-kissed Anand continues to present baseball should be embraced so as Kaka. It's only doang hug, kiss and even more severe if not you?" added.

"Not that Syahrini want to hug-hug, yes, she thought she would aja tar same again this is it. It was really spontaneity of Kaka, whose name was also slightly slengean Kaka Slank if not always," said Rani.

Rani also explained, although the protest with friends Syahrini own Ansani but responded by relaxing and not much comment.