Indra the Titans tantang Ariel Peterpan!!!

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As a friend who had joined Peter, Indra The Titans hope Ariel can be free from the threat of punishment court. Work Ariel, according to many awaited the pecintanya.
"We've been together 6 years, we released once there is a problem, I as a friend wanted to free Ariel, she awaited a lot of musicians that many people," said Indra when found in DAHSYAT, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Thursday (2 / 12).

If it is completely free, Indra who was fired from Peter along with Andie that will challenge Ariel to perform sepanggung.

"If free, I want to challenge him on stage again. I'm sure he want to free and gig with Peter," he said.

Indra on 4 November 2006, along with Andie, officially went out of Peter and then form a new band, The Titans. Atmosphere had been a dispute relating to the incident.

"I'm a friend, whatever happens is best for him, I personally, got together 6 years. Ariel genius in music. The result of how the law, in the eyes of my phenomenal Ariel, Ariel pengen free," he continued. (MPA / gum / dar)