Julia Perez-Dewi Persik. (Foto: Okezone-Koran SI)

JAKARTA - On the sidelines of yesterday's rally, the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) also threatened to report Julia Perez, Dewi Persik the Polda Metro Jaya.
FPI did not want to seem biased, just reject the arrival of Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi, because he was famous as a porn star. Indonesia's actresses sensual scenes were also reported them to the Polda Metro Jaya.

FPI asserted, will not hinder the production house to earn a fortune. It's just that they remind so as not to invite porn stars, like Miyabi, Rin Sakuragi, and Tera Patrick.

"Please if you find a fortune. Go ahead, but instead use a porn star. And we'll keep looking. Not only Miyabi, but Depe and Jupe also we will report it to police," shouted Chairman Propagation Institute FPI, Habib Abdurrahman Zaelani on the sidelines oration in the presence of 20 mass FPI in the office Maxima Pictures, Mangga Dua, Jakarta, Wednesday (01/12/2010).

He added, was enough case that the perpetrators allegedly obscene videos like Ariel and Luna, a well-recognized video wanton Cut Dance is a video with Ariel. FPI hope, it is immoral case of public figures in the country.

"FPI is not preventing people to look for a living. But please, do not look for a living with the indulgence sahwat. The case of Ariel, the latter is enough," said Habib Abdurrahman.........