Panitia Angkat Dewan Juri Baru FFI 2010

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After dismiss with respect FFI jury chaired the 2010 Honest Prananto, FFI Committee appoint a new jury as a substitute on Wednesday (1 / 12) night. New jury consisting of five members of the Selection Committee a long time plus two new people, namely areng musician and actor Alex Komang Widodo. They begin to assess movie marathon since last night and will end tonight. Friday (3 / 12) the results of their decisions will be announced at the event Strikes in RCTI. While awarding FFI remains on schedule, on Monday (6 / 12) night in Central Park, Jakarta. The event was broadcast live by RCTI.

Coordinator steering KFFI, Deddy Mizwar mengemuakan told reporters Thursday morning that the online media Checks & Ricek. "That's the maximum that can be done to overcome the crisis FFI this year. All parties legowo accept this decision," he added.

About FFI 2010 crisis recognized Deddy Mizwar sourced from FFI guide book compiled by KFFI. No articles are clearly regulate the relationship between the Selection Committee with the jury. At first, the Selection Committee was wrong to set only eight films that pass the selection when it should be ten. While the jury to assess the film other than that already established by the Selection Committee.

Until just before the announcement of nominations in Batam, the jury remains on the establishment although KFFI have asked them only to assess ten movie titles. There was deadlocked until the nomination was announced canceled, postponed until Friday (3 / 12).

Throughout the history of FFI, which began in 1955, tops this time, dismissed the jury appointed by the committee.