Rossa Sudah Terima Undangan Nikah KD?

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JAKARTA - The news Krisdayanti (KD) to be married with Raul Lemos, January 2011, the more widely heard. Rumored, the former wife of Anand Hermansyah had spread the invitation to fellow artist. One of them, Ross.
Is it true that Ross has received invitation from the KD. Former wife Yoyo 'Paddy' who met at RCTI Studio, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Tuesday (21/12/2010), not confirmed, nor denied.

"There aja. If I say, no friend of his name," Ross said as he spit his trademark laughter.

"Invite a new year, hahaha. Insha Allah, be smooth and berbahagian only. Kapannya hell's up to it," Ross said when pressed about the wedding invitations that rumors have spread KD.

Widow one child was confirmed, if invited by KD, he's sure to come. "Whatever it is that happy, as a friend I'll be pleased," he said.

Originally, KD rumored to be up the aisle with Raul in February 2011. However, there were rumors that mentions the mother of Aurel and Azriel was getting married in January 2011.

When ditelurusi through the RT 004/01, Village North Gandaria, Radio Dalam, South Jakarta, H. Rahmadi, KD have not registered the marriage.