Teuku Wisnu (Foto:Johan Sompotan/okezone)

JAKARTA - After sinetron Cinta Fitri Season 6 ended, Teuku Vishnu quickly set a strategy to complete the education that had been delayed.
"So, now more focus to the lecture. Pursue semester who had left behind. In addition, vocal lessons," said Vishnu when found in the office of MD Entertainment, Sunday (28/11/2010) night.

According to the students who registered to attend the University Prof Dr Moestopo (Religion), he wanted to finish college because of parental responsibility.
"There are two semesters that I did not much follow the teaching and learning activities. And now the time to lecture again. Not good with parents," said Shireen Sungkar lover this.

If you already pocketed S1, Vishnu has the goal of building homes.

"There is a desire to develop development in Aceh. Opening the parcel of land in Aceh to Aceh baseball people have to go to Jakarta for a living," beber cast this Farel.