Zaskia Sungkar-Irwansyah|Foto: dok C&R

JAKARTA-C & R / OMG-ahead of marriage, the couple Zaskia Sungkar and Irwansyah, was rarely met. This is also what makes his mother, Fanny Bauty sad to see the condition. According to Fanny, second pair of late rarely meet because of busy with the wedding preparations.
"Yes, sorry they met less. They want marriage because rarely met, continue Zaskia said 'oh, long may eventually drop out if illegitimate, because it rarely meet'. They basically want to get married yes it is passed on to me," said Fanny when contacted via telephone, on Tuesday (30/11/2010).

Even so, Fanny continue to support every decision the child. For Fanny, the desire to get married young was very good when compared to going out for long. Instead, it will cause a scandal in the community.

"Well, it's better, direct marriage, yes. But it's fitting Zaskia junior and senior high school never say want to marry young, yes. He said 'ma, I'll marry young aja, ya' so. So, for example to me, yeah. I did not fit parents already pregnant. Well, yes support to avoid adultery. Moreover, kids today do pacarannya already grasp the hand-grip. It's adultery. So, this already good intentions, to avoid fornication, "the story of Fanny.

In fact, earlier, Fanny never thought if Sheridan's ex-girlfriend was really serious about it sister Shireen Sungkar. However, not some long ago, Irwansyah Zaskia eventually ask to marry him. Not only to Fanny just Irwansyah ask permission to marry Zaskia, but also to Oma and Mark Sungkar.

"Yeah, it's very fast. But yes maybe he wants to mate once, well. So, yes come on let them plan it all. And to keep things running smoothly without a hitch," he concluded. (PRIH PRAWESTI Febriani)