Shireen Sungkar

Zaskia Sungkar are now spoken for and ready to get married with Irwansyah. And what her sister, Shireen Sungkar? When asked about plans to resume Shireen and married, his mother actually told Shireen soon follow.
"I even told him (Shireen) cepet-cepet catch up," said Fanny Bauty when confirmed by telephone.

But according to him, Shireen is a bit different from the Zaskia because it is more like school than thinking about wedding plans.

"If Zaskia rada different, if Shireen, is happy the school, but not too ya know. If Shireen graduated college wants a new marriage," he said.

Fanny Bauty actually already had told Shireen to marry young, but Shireen did not want to.

"If her aunt would've married, invites already married, just Shireennya not want to," he said. Well if Shireen candidate who yes, what might Teuku Vishnu? (MPA / hen / sjw)