Pasha Ungu

Pasha's future wife, Adeline Wilhelmina admitted to having a good relationship with Okie Agustina, former wife of Violet's personnel, following her three children.
"Both the (relationship), never (introduced), it was again called Okie mas Pasha kept me dikenalin," said Adeline Wilhelmina application after the ceremony at his home, Jl. Margacinta, Bandung, Sunday (28/11).

"Pretty close (with children). They are funny and nice," he continued.

Adelia said he did not question the status Pasha who was a widower and had children. He was also no question if one day he asked to stop working, and vice versa.

"No daddy. I follow mas Pasha said only," said women who became the Garuda Airways flight attendant since 2008's. "If mas Pasha did not want me to work too poor, too," he continued.

Adelia own claim to have never talked much about the three candidates for his stepson, between fixed and her mother or one day will join the family.

"I've never been equal mas bicarain Pasha, who must I always care about her children. I'm always ready with what they are including children. All were of no consequence," he said. (MPA / hen / dar)