Friday (29/04/2011) will be a historic day for Prince William and Kate Middleton. A few moments more, both partners will formalize their relationship in the Church of Westminster Abbey, London.

Hari Ini, William dan Kate Menikah

On the morning local time, Queen Elizabeth will announce the nickname or nicknames for both prospective brides. Some sources believe that both will get the nickname 'Duke and Duchess of Clarence or Cambridge'.

But royal sources say, both will be called as usual, Prince William and Princess Catherine.

Regarding her wedding dress, she insisted to not give the details before 11:00 noon local time, when Kate and her father, Michael arrives at Westminster Abbey. Kate does not want a surprise to her future husband before herself walking leak at the altar.

The night before her wedding, Kate and family staying at an undisclosed hotel in central London. In the hotel also will makeup before her lively-semati vows. He is scheduled to arrive at Westminster Abbey at 08.30 am through the north door.

Marriage of King and Queen of England's future is expected to be witnessed around 2 billion people around the world through TV. About 1,900 invited guests will witness a langsun from Westminster Abbey Church.

After William and Kate officially became husband and wife, will have 5 ceremony ceremony held in UK. The event was held while carrying the bride from the Church of Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace.