Ahead of her wedding, a variety of news about Kate Middleton and Prince William spread around the world. Starting from the wedding preparations, rumors, knick-knacks, until news 'for fun'.

Ini Dia Wajah Pangeran William & Kate di Hari Tua

An expert from London, Mike Parker of digital sketching William and Kate photos the next 30 years. Images are processed Mike is an engagement photo taken during the Queen and the King of England's future.

In the digital sketch seen Kate and William with wrinkles around her face. Their hair had turned white. Nevertheless, they still look good.

Kate will marry William on April 29, tomorrow at the Church of Westminster Abbey, London. A total of 1900 relatives and family will be a witness when they say the sacred promise.

Decorations in the church was made in such a way as you wish William and Kate. Eight 20-foot-tall tree is inserted to create the appearance of an English country garden in the historic church.

She also has ordered more than four tons of foliage and white roses. Flower designer Shane Connolly has also made ​​ornaments that formed as the hallway when the guests walked into the Abbey.

After William and Kate officially became husband and wife, will have 5 ceremony ceremony held in UK. The event was held while carrying the bride from the Church of Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace.