Los Angeles after violating his probation, actress Lindsay Lohan had to undergo during the 480 hours of community service. The plan, Lindsay will be working in a morgue in Los Angeles Coroner's Department.

As Aceshowbiz launched on Thursday (04/28/2011), assistant leader of the Department of Coroner Ed Winter said that the movie stars 'Machete'that will help the janitor there. He was obliged to come clean all the facilities there, ranging from the morgue to the bathroom.

"She (Lindsay) will not come to hold the bodies but he would see the bodies," says Ed.

Lindsay will be working there starting at 8 am and 4 pm. Judge Stephanie Sautner that sentenced to Lindsay hoped, the artist could get better after working in the morgue.

After 120 hours worked in the morgue, Lindsay also will conduct services at the Downtown Women's Center during the 360 hours. Downtown Women's Center is a halfway house for homeless people residing in the slum area of Los Angeles.

24-year-old woman was violating probation after engaging in theft cases. Lindsay was accused of stealing jewelry in one boutique Kamofie & Company who was in California. A necklace jewelry worth Rp 22.3 million.

(HKm / MMU)