Jakarta Wedding Prince William and Kate Middleton to the attention of the entire world. Before the marriage, William was given advice by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams.

Sebelum Menikah, Pangeran William Diberi Nasihat Uskup Agung

As reported by the Daily Mail, Thursday (4/28/2011), 28-year-old prince had met Dr Rowan on several occasions in recent months. William was asked to think carefully before deciding to give the oath with Kate.

Dr. Roman is the Archbishop who will lead William and Kate wedding ceremony on 29 April in the Church of Westminster Abbey, London. He is optimistic that William and Kate will not make the same mistake as Prince Charles and Princess Diana are divorced.

"I am very impressed with the way William and Catherine close to this great event. They've thought through what they want for themselves, also what they want to say," said Dr. Rowan.

"They are responsible to the whole society, to God, to their relationship. And I think that suggests that they already have a simplicity about it, they already know what's important, what is at the heart of all this, because I thought they were people simple, "he added.

Dr. Rowan also describe how his feelings get involved in such a big day. "I feel very privileged to be part of this event. The young people sent a message of hope and generosity message around the world," he said.

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